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Increase the quality of the tutorials on the textbook

2018/06/09 10:12:49

In order to improve the quality of the textbook tutorial, it is best to follow these steps to create a better quality education:

  • When teaching, mark the pen (or mouse), the subheadings or posts So that other users will know what you are talking about.
  • Always record the device you are recording with in silent mode or vibrate. Otherwise, it will be recorded when it's being written to beep.
  • Even as far as possible, the device you are recording with is airplane or flight. Otherwise, if you receive SMS Or call an amo You will be destroyed.
  • Do not use pen with scary colors like red, yellow, etc. except in the most important cases.
  • When recording learning, it is better to change the tone of the voice so that the users who view the tutorial feel that they are in real class and that training is not uniform and dull.
  • Better sentences and sentences. It's a bit of a pause when the student or user has the opportunity to analyze sentences and teachings and will not retreat.
  • In order to improve the quality of your training and complete mastery of the content you are willing to provide, Get ready for it Write down the paper and prepare it in writing. And after a few training sessions, record. This saves both your own time and the user.
  • It is best to record tutorials that require drawing or text and typing, and do not need to be taught during writing. , You can use the stop button (sign stop button) and add shapes and posts, then press the button again (the stop button icon) and perform the recording operation. (This saves users' time when viewed and the quality of the training goes up)
  • Do not pause long while teaching, do not use unconventional sounds.
  • In A glossy written content should be considered.
  • Expression of energy content should be provided. Teaching is not to be read in the text of the book, not to be taught, to be taught in full. As the class is taught.
  • Please note that the student is only related to you by voice, so it is best to be enthusiastic about the content. < li> In case of failure to observe the above, the recorded educational content will be deleted and the training record will be repeated. It is worth noting that in order to save time, it is recommended that the usual precautions be taken to comply with the above mentioned points to ensure quality and non-repeat work.

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