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Alphabet, the best app for creating tutorial on textbooks and booklets

See alphabet in action

Share your knowledge in 3 steps

Scan your documents

Create your first online textbook and add new page by in-app scanner

Make tutorial on your textbook

Tap on record button and make a tutorial on your textbook

Share your textbook with your friends

Share your created textbook with your friends and let them read your textbook



In this section, you will see some tools that alphabet provides for teachers.

Use in the classroom

You can connect your phone to the video projector and play alphabet tutorials

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Share your booklets with students

Share your booklets with your students or other users

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Take a test of the students

The alphabet will examine your students instead of you and display the result to you

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Send a message to the class members

Send messages to the class members easily

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Ask students to make tutorial

Ask your students to teach their textbooks

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Earn money through booklets

Make money through the Alphabet app

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Learn more about the Alphabet`s features for students

Create personal textbooks

Create your own textbooks and keep it with yourself

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Add tutorial to textbooks

create tutorial on your booklets or textbooks and share with your friends

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share your booklets with others

Share your textbook with your classmates or friends

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Use friends or publishers` booklets

Use friends or publishers` booklets

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keep in touch with your friends

Chat with your friends via alphabet chat section

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Alphabet helps publishers create better, less costly, content-rich, and better textbooks for students.

Create teaching textbooks

Here you can see how you can create your own textbooks

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add tutorial to booklets

By using the Alphabet app, and having a pen device , create applied and absorbing tutorials for students

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add textbooks to gallery

add your textbooks to alphabet gallery

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Pricing and selling booklets

Sell your textbooks in alphabet and see your sales charts

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Make your textbooks smart

By adding your books to the "Smart Books" list, let users access textbook and tutorials only by taking pictures from your book page.

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