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What is the Alphabet app?

The Alphabet is an educational app that provides users variety of educational services through their own innovations.

Whose are the alphabet for?

The Alphabet is especially for teachers, students, university professors and students.

Is the Alphabet free?

Yes, the program itself is free and you can download the app. But some tutorials or books in the app are not free.

What should I have to use the Alphabet?

Alphabet is now available for Android phones. You can install the alphabet on Windows using the Android simulator. Windows and iOS versions will be released soon.

I am a teacher. How can Alphabet help me?

The Alphabet app is made to share your knowledge with your students at the earliest time. You can add your booklets to the program and teach them and easily share it to others. Even you can sell your booklets

What is the difference between the Alphabet app and DVDs?

In this app, you will always have tutorials in your pocket and will always be available. In addition, you can save time by attempting in online exams.

How can I fix it when I encounter a problem with the program?

You can contact the support center and ask your questions. You can report problems for each lesson to guide you in the shortest possible time


I am a teacher, what does the alphabet help me?

  • The Alphabet is designed to facilitate the work of the well-known teachers. Teachers can share their teaches to student by using this app (just their own class or the whole world). They can also communicate with students (just their own class / the whole world) by using the internal messenger.
  • Using the "Teacher" special version, can monitor the progress of their students.
  • by create your tutorials and sharing them, not only in your school and in your city, but also throughout the world, your teaches will be observed. (Teacher info displayed at the beginning of the booklet)
  • It is important to note that teachers can share their booklets to users free and costly

Can I use Alphabet app in the class?

Yes, you can easily play your teaches in the class. By using 'Anycast' dongle, you can stream the tutorials on TV or Video Projector.

Is this app usable for smart boards?

Yes, by connecting the app to the smartphone, you can easily use the Alphabet, play both teaches or record teaches during the class.

is it free for teachers to use Alphabet?

The teaches that you can see in alphabet are marked by the publisher of that content. the Publisher can publish booklets and teaches free or costly. Also each publisher can determine that the note including teaches is free or costly for confirmed teacher on this app. if you are a teacher, you can send us your documents and receive your teachers` exclusive account.

Is there any special features for teachers in Alphabet app?

Yes, we mean to make for teachers easier and more effective teaches condition in this app. Therefore, we have enabled a special panel for teachers to be able to automatically view their students' progress.

How can I record teaches for my students?

For more information, see the document section.


How does Alphabet help publishers?

Using the "Publishers Panel" on the website, publisher can place their textbooks in app and after pricing them can share to others. booklets and books of the Alphabet are not printable and only available in the app and the rights of the publisher are maintained. It can also be customized a book by teaches or add movie to each of them .

What does the alphabet give us?

Using the Publisher Panel, you can add PDF files and your booklets to the system. You can see your sales figures using the sales panel. You can view user comments using the comments section.

If I put my books in alphabet app, How many percent of my sales do belong to me?

60% of each sale will specified to you. it means that if your book costs 100 USD, your selling benefit would be 60 USD, and 40 USD belong to our company.

how can I view my sale statistics?

In the publishers panel, you can view your sales statistics and user usage statistics.

how long does it take to be checked out?

At the end of each month , we will check out. Enter your bank number in the "Publishers Panel" and in the "Settings" section and in "Payment settings" to pay the payments the end of each month. If you need further guidance, you can contact the [Support Link] section .

Where do I to start my teaches as a publisher?

Refer to the Publishers Panel

Is it possible to open a new category in the gallery for our books?

Yes, you can send us your request to check this out as soon as possible


I am a student, how does the alphabet help me?

by using alphabet and with a mobile device you could easily access to the best teaches and all over the world users without internet connection. contact your friends. ask your teacher any question, and make your knowledge up. attempt in Exams and see the result and compare it with your friends.

What school grades does alphabet supports?

Alphabet has no limits to publish and present education, and any agenda that has academic and educational content (such as math, art, technical and vocational content, sewing, music, etc.) is available in alphabet App.

I want to see alphabet teaches. Where should I get the installation file?

You can see the download section tool

Should I pay for the alphabet teaches?

Getting and using the alphabet app is free. But tutorials may be free or costly and it depends on publisher's opinion.

How do you pay?

You can pay for booklets in two ways:
  • Online Payment
  • Money transfer through bank or POS stations

What are the benefits for students of the alphabet ?

  • Using the alphabet no longer need to tutorial teacher.
  • If you have not been able to be present in a class discussion, you can view the teaches on this topic and have not lost anything.
  • if the lessons was not clear while teaching, you can observe the teaches infinitely.
  • for more help on lessons, send a message to in-app teacher
  • You can access teaching at any time of the day infinitely at the sharp time.
  • Attempt in exams and see the results and compare with your friends.
  • The alphabet tutorial file size is much lower than the general educational videos
  • No need to carry a printed book
  • No need to pay bills for books


Where can I download the application file?

Refer to the download link to receive the alphabet app

What facilities do I need to run the program?

For android version , the minimum required system is Android 4.3. To use the IOS version, the minimum version of iOS should be 10

Is this app usable on windows?

Yes, you can use alphabet tutorials by using a dongle

I did not find the IOS version on the website, where should I get

The iOS version of the application is preparing . The IOS version will also be released soon.

Should I pay a fee to use the alphabet?

No, the alphabet app is completely free except the textbooks that are not defined as free.

I have some suggestions to improve alphabet. How can I contact you?

You can post your comments and suggestions through the support center.