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Create educational textbooks along with audio files

2018/06/10 21:52:21

For the following reasons, the alphabet is the best place for the activity of the publishers of the textbooks:

  • All users of the program are alphabetical students, teachers, university professors and students.
  • You can, in addition to the pages of the book Syllabuses, audio tutorials and test books.
  • A high profit will be equal to 60% of the sale of each book or your monthly subscription. This is the highest profit compared to other competitors.
  • In the publishers panel, you will receive useful statistics on the use of tutorials and leaflets.
  • You can easily at any time Add new trainings or delete your training.
  • The volume of training is very low. So all audiences can use the weakest learning speed.
  • The ability to intelligent textbooks
  • By choosing the free option for professors, you can easily lecture notes for your teachers. Post to get them.

Guide to publishing a textbook in alphabetical order

To add a textbook, first sign in to the "Publishers Panel." In the documentation section for publishers, we've provided a complete guide for you to easily add your textbooks to the program. Also, in the documentation section of the program, we have provided a complete guide for you to easily teach on your textbooks. We suggest that you use the latest Samsung Notebook Tablet with high quality headphones to provide better training on your textbooks.

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