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Making personalized leaflets

2018/06/11 04:51:34

You cherished students in the alphabetical program can easily create your own textbook and always have it with you. You can train your textbooks and send it to your friends. To create a new brochure, please do the following:

1: Download the program alphabetically

The first step is to download the alphabet and install it on your phone or tablet. You can download the program alphabetically from the following links:

  • Get the Android version of Google Play
  • Get the IOS version of the App Store
  • Get the direct version of the Android version of the Alphabet

2: Create new textbooks:

The next step is to create a new textbook. The textbook can be a useful textbook, sample questions or other useful material. You need to access the Internet to create your new textbook. In the link below, you can see the steps needed to create a new brochure in the program.

Build a new textbook

3: Adding Tutorials on the Leaflet

The most important feature of the alphabet program is to add tutorials on the textbook. With this feature, you can easily and in the least possible time create useful tutorials for your other friends.

Making the first tutorial on the textbook

4: Share textbook with your classmates

Next step is sharing your textbook with classmates. Using the Alphabet Subscription option, you can easily share your textbook with your friends. Note that before submitting the brochure, follow these steps:

1: Put the access level on everyone so that the rest of the people can use your textbooks: Build a new textbook

2: Be sure to send the tutorials that you recorded to: Send textbooks and tutorials to the network

3: Send the brochure link to your friends: Share the textbook with your friends

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