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Applying students for content creation

2018/06/09 23:48:34

Using the alphabetical program, students can easily do their homework in the alphabetical program. For example, suppose you have asked your classmates to resolve the 20 page book. You can ask your students to open the textbook in alphabetical order and then place the audio page on the page. To do this, please follow the steps below.

1: Create a student-specific student vacancy leaflet

Add a PDF file to your account using the publisher panel or application.

Add textbook guide through the publishers panel

Build a new textbook guide in alphabetical order

Be sure to change the level of access to education in the textbook to class members or everyone after your textbook so that your students can teach you on your textbook.

Determine the level of textbook access Guide

2: Add the textbook to the classroom

After creating the classroom in the Teachers Panel, you will add your textbook to the classroom.

Guide to classroom creation

Guide to adding textbooks to the classroom

3: Ask your students to become part of your classroom

After creating the classroom, ask your students to become members of your class. After your membership, your textbook will be displayed on the program's home page.

Student Instruction Guide in Class

4: Ask students to train on textbooks and explain their exercises in audio.

Your pupils now have access to your textbook. Your students can now add their tutorials to the textbook.

Guide to Content Generation in the Alphabet Program

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