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Take a test of the students

2018/06/09 02:34:21

Using the Alphabet Test section, you can easily test your students and see their progress statistics and scores. To use this feature, follow the steps below.

Test 1: Test

The first step to using the test section is to prepare the test. To do this, first enter the publishers panel and then create a new test after entering the test section and then specify the questions for each section.

2: Add your test to the textbook

The next step is to add the test to the textbook. To do this, first open your desired textbook and then add the test to the new section using the option to add the test in the program.

3: Add your textbook to the list of textbooks used in the class

After adding the textbook to your class, send the class code to your students. After the membership, students can view your textbook on the main screen of the program. Then, the results are sent to you by opening the leaflet and participating in the test.

4: View student results

You can enter the members section after opening the class in the teachers panel, and after opening the user, see the exact statistics of the user's scores and tests.

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