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Use in the classroom

2018/06/11 04:50:31

We call the alphabet to make it easier and easier for teachers to teach in classes. Here you can see how the alphabet makes it easier for students to teach you:

1: Play classroom tutorials

After installing the alphabet on your mobile phone, you can connect your phone to a video projector or a class TV with a dongle and distribute the alphanumeric tutorials to students. To do this, please do the following:

  1. Install Alphabet on your phone.

  2. Make an Anchast dongle
  3. Connect the dongle to the TV or video projector socket.
  4. After viewing any device's image, place your phone with Use the Mirror Share option or Screen Mirroring to connect to the dongle.
  5. Your phone's image is visible on the TV screen or on the projector's video screen. Now you can play alphabetical tutorials on your phone to see students in the classroom.

The advantages of this approach to using computers in the classroom include the following.

  • No need to carry laptop to class. You can easily distribute alphabet tutorials using your phone to students.
  • Your connection will be wireless. This means you can walk in the classroom easily.
  • The connection is very easy.

Technical Note: Anycast dongles are usually connected to the HMDI cable. So, if your video projector or TV is used by other ports such as VGA, you can connect the dongle to the desired port by providing a converter.

2: Record training When teaching

You can also record along with the application of the alphabet to the dongle and display on the screen. In this case, all the sounds of the class and the writing that you write on the phone are recorded. After recording, you can send recorded tutorials to the students to use at home.

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