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2018/12/02 05:05:45

The alphabet is an educational assistance platform that allows users to create classroom instruction and classes. The alphabet is a fully-fledged educational environment that provides the users with the tools needed by teachers, students, and other faculty members to develop and advance their academic achievement and, as a virtual classroom, has hindered scientific advancement.


In alphabetical order, anyone can create their own tutorials and share it with others.

Share your textbook

You can add your own textbook through the application scanner to your account and share it with your friends or classmates.


By creating content in the alphabet, you can build your own education and earn money from it. We also provide you with a panel of publishers so you can pinpoint the price of your textbooks and see sales statistics instantly.

In the classroom

You can use alphabetical tutorials in the classroom and play for your students. You can also monitor the teachers' panel on the progress of your student education.

Teachers panel capabilities

Connecting to the dongle

You can connect your device wirelessly with a dongle to a TV or video projector, and then see alphanumeric tutorials on the TV. This item helps a lot of teachers to use in the classroom.

What is a dongle and what is it used for?

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